The company was founded in 2018 by Jacholeen Kruger and Dawie Maree, both avid wildlife photographers.

Although the name says Luangwa Photo Safaris, the plan was always to expand to the rest of Southern Africa.

Our goal is to have small intimate groups to allow for quality interaction and excellent photographic opportunities.

We have Set date tours that will run specific dates and we have Custom tours that will be organised according to the photographer’s needs. More information on the Photographic Safaris page.

The photographic safaris will be conducted by an experienced qualified guide and an experienced wildlife photographer all with one goal in mind, to give you the best possible wildlife photography experience. Max 5 photographers and the photographic tour leader, so max 6 people on a vehicle.



Are we situated in the park?

No we are situated just across the Luangwa river from the park in prime riverfront property of about 400 hectares. All animals found in the park can be found in and around our camp.

How to get here?

From Lusaka Zambia you can either travel by road which will take 9-10 hours, or fly in with which is a 1:15 minutes flight.

You can also enter from Lilongwe Malawi and then be transferred by road through the border up to the camp.

Is this a Malaria area?

Yes it is, we advise to consult your local doctor before you take the trip to South Luangwa.

When is the best time to see animals?

During the rainy season, the vegetation gets very thick and most of the smaller loop roads are not accessible, but it’s cooler and there are still good sightings.

In the drier months, September to October, it is very hot and the vegetation is almost gone. The water levels are low and most lagoons have dried up, but sightings are great in this period.

Do we close in the rainy season?

No we are open year round

Can I pay with cards?

Yes we accept Visa and Mastercard, 3% surcharge is added when paying by card

When did this camp open and what does it offer?

When did this camp open?

The camp opened its doors in 1992. We offer from camping to chalets or safari tents, and from self-catering to full board. Our activities include walking safaris, game drives, village tours, bush breakfast for special occasions, our rustic Bush Camp on the banks of the Luangwa and many more…